A Caribbean gem you’ll want to get your hands on…[Graycliff G2 + Free Shipping]

The next time you're in the Bahamas...

You should stop by the Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant. This is where it all began.

From the foyer of his restaurant, Enrico Garzaoli began rolling cigars.

Eventually expanding to over 16 master rollers, Graycliff cigars has become synonymous with the finest cigars and wine money can buy. (He owns the second largest private wine collection in the world!)

The Graycliff G2 has the same quality and construction enthusiasts have come to love about Graycliff, but it's offered a far less expensive price point. 

And now, ever lower!

 Graycliff G2 Whole Line on Sale
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Now thru Friday, Jan 11, 2019

This smoke offers a medium body, consisting of Cuban-seed, long-leaf tobaccos hailing from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Perfectly balanced, peppery and creamy. An enjoyable smoke from start to finish.

Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso
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