Ashton Symmetry on Sale


A friend of mine asked me why I love the new Ashton Symmetry cigars so much.  Here's what I told him...

Think of one of the best Dominican cigars you ever smoked.  Now think of the best Nicaraguan.

Got them in your mind?

Now combine 'em.

There, you've go the Ashton Symmetry...a beautifully proportioned merger of aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Silky Ecuador Habano wrappers unveil an unrivaled harmony of medium to full body power and finesse.  Crisp notes of spice and oak flourish early on, and praise an irresistible emergent cream. Savory nuances of leather and figs seque into a superb finish.

Cigar Aficionado awarded the #8 Cigar of the Year to the Ashton Symmetry Robusto and described it this way:

"The idea behind Symmetry is balance. Specifically balance between blending Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, which could easily clash if not done skillfully, through blending can be as much, if not more, of an art as it is a science."

Both creativity and textbook precision integrate quite elegantly here, as notes of nougat, toast, chicory and nuts blossom on the palate and stay interesting down to the robust's last puff."

Or as my partner Edwin succinctly summed it up when I asked him how he would describe is to someone who hasn't ever smoked one, "Ummm, balanced perfection with every puff."

I feel really strongly that every cigar lover should experience a I'm putting the entire line (all 5 sizes) on sale for the next 24 hours! Ready?

Save up to 10% on Ashton Symmetry (for the next 24 HOURS!)