Equal parts courage and skill resulted in this…Extremes are easy...balance is an art form.

What do architects, plastic surgeons, accountants and yoga instructors have in common? They all seek to find that perfect (and sometimes elusive) "balance" to their craft or trade.

You can add one more to that list...cigar manufacturers, specifically Ashton Cigars. 

Ashton had an idea.  What if we blend Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos into one cigar?  It was a risky venture, one that could've easily clashed.  But surprisingly, it resulted in a cigar woven together with perfect...symmetry.

Ashton fans...
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Ashton Symmetry

You'll enjoy the savory nuances of leather and figs and they segue into a superb finish.  It wasn't named the #8 Cigar of the Year (2015) for nothing.

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S.  We don't want you to be off-balance. :)  Double your order and store the extras in your humidor.  They age exceptionally well.

P.P.S. Our supplies are limited, and we expect they'll go fast.  Order today!