Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Personal Reserve Blowout Sale

Flavor and pedigree all rolled up in one cigar [AF Personal Reserve BLOWOUT!]A cigar that fires on all cylinders... If you're looking for a cigar that delivers on flavor, construction and complexity as well as having the pedigree of the Arturo Fuente name, have we got the cigar for you... The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Personal Reserve Robusto is a limited release that you would expect from the personal collection of the "Don" of the cigar industry. It was released to commemorate Carlos Fuente Sr's. 80th birthday and the 30th year of production of his personal brand, Don Carlos. Personally, I think it's even more special now since he past away in August 2016. It's not very often these come along, and I wanted to share these limited and rare beauties with you!

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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Personal Reserve Robusto

You'll enjoy this medium to full-bodied cigar with a surprisingly creamy lemon-grass notes (so unique!) and a pleasing nutty mix of flavors that deliver sweet tones and spicy complements in each mouthful. Seasoned cigar enthusiasts know to snatch these up when they can!