How to create a cigar legacy that outlasts you [AF Don Carlos]Like father, like son...

A lot of expectations (and privilege) come with the passing on of the family business to your children. The next generation can buckle under the pressure to live up to the family name, or they can rise above it and forge their own way.

Arturo Fuente groomed his son Carlos for just such a transfer of power. Not only has his son embraced the business, but he's chosen to honor his father through it.  What higher pride could a father experience?

Becoming a master blender in his own right, Carlos Fuente Jr. crafted the Don Carlos as a tribute to the company's patriarch and his father.

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Renowned for their high-quality standards, these cigars are highly sought after by enthusiasts around the world.  This blend boasts a complex variety of flavors, perfectly matched, to create a robust, medium-bodied palate that every cigar lover will appreciate.
The Fuente family has an array of mouth watering cigars, but this one has been dubbed the "Pride of the Arturo Fuente Family."   (Now, that's high praise!)  If you haven't discovered this cigar for yourself already, you probably should! :)

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
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