Angel’s Share-COTWI was a little bit annoyed at first...but now I kind of like it :)

Hey there,

Did you know that almost all of our suppliers refer to me as “The Tiger from Tampa”?

(They don’t know that I know this but one of them spilled the beans after one too many mojitos on Friday.)

It’s because I’m really determined and when it comes to demanding that our suppliers ante up hard to find premium smokes and give me the best deals possible.

And I gotta be honest with you...I kinda enjoy like having this reputation :)

It’s a fact, I’m not one to dawdle around with feeble requests to our suppliers. I charge into the fray with one simple goal:

Deliver top-shelf, hard-to-find cigars that turn our competitors green with envy.

But I have to admit, this time even “The Tiger” may have pushed it to the limit (more on that in a minute).

You see, I really wanted to bring you one of the best cigars on the market as my pick for…

Juan’s Cigar of the Week is the Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel’s Share Robusto!

Did you know that the term “angels share” is used by makers of long-aged spirits (such as Scotch & Bourbon) that lose a great portion of their product to evaporation?

The lost liquid is said to be enjoyed by the “angels in heaven”...

Pretty cool, right?

And if the name Fuente OpusX - The Angel's Share was meant to convey it’s a heavenly smoke --- in my humble yet accurate opinion -- IT DELIVERS.

The Robb Report agreed naming it the “Best of the Best” in 2014.

“When the OpusX debuted in 1995, it was heralded as the first all-Dominican cigar to rival Havana cigars in quality and strength but to produce a milder flavor…It has reblended the OpusX filler, and for the wrapper and binder it uses leaves from the center of the plant instead of the top. The wrapper’s smooth, silky texture is balanced by spicy-sweet top notes that intensify as the cigar burns.”

The Angel's Share Robusto is everything you’d expect from the highly sought after Fuente Opus X line of cigars...with a slightly milder flavor. Perfect for enjoying anytime.

But I have to warn you: Even my TIGER TACTICS couldn’t secure enough to supply the demand for this rare gem...So order right now before you end up waiting to see if by some chance they ever come around again.