A classics that has stood the test of time…[Sale on Montecristo Classic Boxes]"Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss." Count of Monte Cristo

In the early 1900s the adventure novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" was popular among the torcedores (cigar rollers) in Particulares cigar factory.  So much so that they had a lector read the novel aloud on the rolling floor.  

It's a story of a man exacting divine-like revenge on those who sought to destroy him and falsely imprisoned him for 14 years. 

A novel of intrigue and adventure that must've made those hours of cigar rolling feel like minutes! Discussions of the story circulated throughout the factory and inspired the owners to create a new brand...the Montecristo! 

Today, it's one of the most famous and trusted brands in the cigar world.

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Montecristo Classic


This medium-bodied cigar delivers a mixture of top-notch Dominican long-filler tobacco and a light crisp clean Connecticut shade wrapper.  You'll detect notes of wood, earth with a nutty spicy finish.  A treat for your senses! 

Pick up some of this luxurious smoke today!

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~Juan Panesso
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P.S.   Are you new to cigars or know someone who's interested?  This brand is commonly recommended for newbies because it's such a smooth mild smoke. A great option to stock up on to introduce to your non-smoker friends. :)  (You just might make some converts!)