Camancho Liberty Series FLASH Sale

Camacho, the company known for bold, complex cigars has just released its latest creation to the American public...

...that’s right, the Camacho Liberty Series Limited Edition 2016 is FINALLY here!

Only 2,000 boxes of these cigars are available in the U.S. each year. That’s it!

And guess who got his hands on a special shipment for you? Your old buddy Juan!

But before I give you the details on the sale, let me give you some quick background on these beauties...

In honor of our founding fathers’ commitment to liberty, this series was named after the Liberty Bell, America’s iconic symbol of Independence.

Each cigar comes individually packed in its own cedar coffin, and shares the same beautiful artwork adorning the master box. These cigars feature some of the rarest tobaccos in the world...and presents a totally new blend with each release.

In true Camacho style, the 2016 edition is bold but also sophisticated. The palate combines complex notes of white and black pepper, sweet cedar, and dark chocolate. Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy...this stick delivers a truly intense, full-strength smoking experience.

If you missed last year’s shipment...this is your chance to get in on the action this time around:

Save 10% on the Camacho Liberty Series Limited Edition 2016
(for the next 24 HOURS!)

Two final things:

1) Free shipping on orders over $150
2) Act FAST :)