Only 1 left…Opus X Limited Edition Dubai eXclusivO

The Royal Treatment like no other...

Arturo Fuente knows how to roll out the red carpet on their new releases, but this Limited Edition might raise the standard as high as the windsail-shaped hotel of Burj Al Arab.

Introducing the... 

Opus X
Limited Edition
Dubai eXclusivO.

And, we do mean exclusive.

We have that again, 1 set available.

Royal Gift Set Made for a King!
1 Forbidden X Dubai Exclusivo Box of 15
with leather sleeve
1 - ST Dupont Opus X Ashtray
with 2 gold plated cigar holders
(#169 of 450 made)
1 -ST Dupont Opus X Cutter
(#147 of 350 made)

Get the royal treatment, and be the king of your own castle with this fabulous limited edition.

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.