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You’ve chosen the right cigar for this moment, and have unwrapped it with anticipation. You’ve clipped the head and savored a few cold draws, nosing its length and imagining what waits. Now the only thing that stands between you and that first luxurious puff is the torch. Our line of quality cigar lighters put that eagerly anticipated last step in your hands with products you’ll enjoy using every time. The top names in the accessory world fill our roster of fantastic lighters, with a couple of additions from DuPont that are worth taking a look at. The DuPont Extend Mini is the go-to choice of executives everywhere when they steal a moment to relax or relish a recent success. The stylish casing and wind-resistant laser flame give this elegant unit a place in upscale pockets everywhere. It is available in two handsome finishes, black or chrome.

Enthusiasts who enjoy the quality cigar accessories from Prometheus will appreciate our variety of lighters including the Hammer, Traveler, TXR, and Ultimo. Each style offers tasteful functionality and is available in a number of finish choices that will match or complement the rest of your tools. The best-selling Prometheus Hammer is a slender lighter that employs one-push open and light service, with a punch cutter in the bottom.

Xikar tools are well-respected, too, and our choices include the Executive, Element, and Exodus, presented in black, gun metal, and silver. Cigar lovers who use the Executive appreciate its heartiness and the adjustable circle flame that delivers a reliable light in all conditions, including the fairway of your favorite course or out on the water or beach. Rocky Patel offers a pair of World Series commemorative lighters honoring recent champs. A lighter is a personal item that makes a wonderful gift for your favorite cigar enthusiast.