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Today’s leading Cigar humidor makers usually include humidification equipment in their products. But what about that treasured humidor your father or grandfather enjoyed and then passed along to you? Or that custom made beauty you received for Father’s Day? If you need a cigar humidifier we’ve got models that will fit any size humidor, cigar chest, or display case, and they will keep your stash of cigars in the freshest, most pleasurable condition possible.

Starting large, the Cigar Oasis II is an electric cigar humidifiers that will deliver outstanding performance in a large cigar armoire or humidor. The digital controls provide precise and reliable humidity control that you’ll taste in every draw and experience when the burn characteristics of your favorite cigar are absolutely perfect. Many of our business clients use this model in their display cases and the feedback is nothing but positive. For large personal humidors the Cigar Oasis XL Electronic Humidifier is tough to beat. If your stock of quality cigars numbers in the 200 to 300 range, this unit is just right for a cabinet or large desktop humidor. The adjustable climate settings will have you mouthing one word on every first draw…Perfect!

Prometheus has acquired a rock solid reputation in the cigar accessory world by delivering products that meet and exceed expectations. The Prometheus Optima cigar Humidifier, built with quality craftsmanship in France, humidifies up to 100 cigars with absolute accuracy you can count on. This self-regulating unit features a precise hygrometer that maintains peak humidity regardless of the changing external conditions.

Our humidification accessories also include quality, proven products that assist in keeping your cigars at peak humidity. We keep in ready supply for our customers a stock of Humi-Care EH Plus products including the fan, fan kit, refill cartridges or water pillows. Preview our complete line of cigar humidifier products to find what you need to safeguard the quality and freshness of your investment.