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Ashtrays Ashtrays
Every cigar lovers enjoy splendid ash on their favorite sticks. Creamy, long ash is part of the ambience, but there comes a time when it looks better in the ashtray than on your shirt…so having one of our distinctive ashtrays on hand is one of the essentials for any cigar session. Our Ashton ashtray is a straightforward, handsome offering from a fine cigar maker. If Ashtons are in your humidor, this good looking piece adds the perfect complement when gracing your table. Whatever label you’re lighting, this sturdy ceramic ashtray featuring the Ashton logo offers understated class at an affordable price. Pick up a handful to have available when entertaining! CAO makes premium cigars and they’ve crafted an ashtray befitting their quality. Whether enjoying a CAO Gold Maduro or another favorite smoke, this artfully designed Cubist offering functions beautifully, with slanted lines for the perfect resting spot. This conversation piece complements any décor with a touch of intelligent design that provides comfort and convenience to you or your guests. Got a lady in your life that enjoys the finer things like a well-crafted, tasteful cigar? Her preference in ashtrays might run to this elegant, solid crystal piece from Evanston. A beauty to behold, it’s also a beauty of a cigar-holder. Its large size accommodates up to 4 full-size stogies, just right for an intimate gathering over conversation and drinks or a game of cards. Nice and heavy, it won’t spill at the slightest provocation, but will endure a hearty tap with, well…elegance. Our unique ashtrays will fit any style. They will look as good as they function wherever you light up.