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ABOUTAshtrays Casa Fuente

Las Vegas is a place known for catering to those seeking a slice of the good life, and it delivers abundantly at times. While the casinos represent a lot of risk to gain any reward, one sure fire jackpot is found at the Casa Fuente Cigar Bar, where the Casa Fuente cigar line is the hottest game in town for cigar lovers. Created to be the house line of this popular Vegas stop, the line is now available in wider distribution, so cigar fans the world over looking for a safe best can enjoy these highly praised cigars. Like everything in Las Vegas, these stogies are dressed to kill in eye-pleasing shapes, sizes, and wrappers. But with these sticks, beauty isn’t just superficial. It goes all the way to the core, furnished by a select blend of tobaccos from the Arturo Fuente home turf in the Dominican Republic. A tastefully selected blend of tobaccos produce medium- to full-bodied flavor the novice and expert alike will appreciate. The flavor-rich cigars boast unlit aromas of nuts and spice, with overtones of hearty cedar, especially from the cedar-encased Double Robusto, a 6.5 x 52 sizzler. Wrappers from the DR produce puros of exceptional magnitude, while other vitolas come sheathed in a rare, tasty Cameroon wrapper that boosts the spiciness quotient considerably. The torched offerings of both wrappers bring rich blends of nuttiness and spices to the tongue, with notes of citrus and cinnamon. The smooth, silky finish hints at a chocolate morsel somewhere in the mix. Created to be enjoyed in a bar setting, these succulent sticks go best with a tall, cold glass of whatever pleases you. You’ll enjoy a balance and contrast that will leave you wanting more. Now you can enjoy the pleasures of Vegas without breaking the bank to get there. The Casa Fuente house line of fine cigars is available in limited quantities and a variety of popular sizes. Enjoy a no-risk winner that will pay off in a delicious, fulfilling smoke in every hand.