Arturo Fuente Samplers OPUS X SAMPLERS

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ABOUTArturo Fuente Samplers Opus X Samplers

Few brands enjoy the reputation and devotion that Opus X does, and these accolades are well deserved. The label stands as a benchmark for unsurpassed quality, flavor, and superior smoking characteristics. They are a mark of distinction in any humidor and are a gift that the cigar aficionado will truly appreciate. One wouldn’t think they need much publicity, yet Fuente continues to offer them in Opus X samplers that showcase their merits. The Opus X 12 cigar sampler brings together 12 different sizes of the renowned stick, and the enthusiast who ventures to enjoy them all will notice that each one plays a slightly different version of the same great tune, like instruments in a symphony. We are happy to offer this collection for more than $100 below the price it sells for in cigar shops, we’ll ship it free of charge.

You may also want to consider the 2007 Opus X Aged Sampler, a truly rare treat in the cigar world. It features 4 rare cigars from Chateau de la Fuente’s Extra Special Reserves, prized for their construction, flavor, and overall qualities. Two Opus X Scorpio, 1 Opus X Forbidden X, and 1 Opus X Royal 8 complete the set of award winning cigars. Serial numbered box with a letter of authenticity makes this collectible collection the pride of its owners and one of the most special gift-giving opportunities in the cigar world. These Opus X samplers are aged for 3 years, and are tough to get our hands on. When we do, however, we offer them to you at a price well below standard retail. Keep your eyes open for it when you visit us online, and in the meantime content yourself with the other top cigar samplers we offer.
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