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Sexy Cigars

Welcome to our Sexy Cigar Section!

In this Section you will find the Sexiest Cigars that we have to offer.  

By Sexy Cigars we don't necessarily mean cigars for women, what we mean is sometimes cigars are constructed with such care and precision and delicacy then wrapped with a gorgeous band to match that they exude a sexiness about them that is undeniable!

When you hold one in your hand and place it in your mouth it's like the woman above,  you're going to handle her with care, respect, patience, and enjoy every second you spend with her.

These cigars command that you take your time from start to finish and savor every moment.  When you smoke a cigar from this selection heads will turn and mouths will water wishing they too could taste the bursting flavors and sweet smell coming from your sexy cigar.

Today's Selection Consists of:

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