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Padilla 1932

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ABOUTPadilla 1932

The Padilla Company will never make the most cigars. They are not interested. What drives this family in Miami’s Little Havana is the quest to make great cigars. Some call them boutique cigars. The Padillas calls them their passion. The Padilla 1932 Cigars are the epitome of what small-batch cigars should be. They are rich and full of flavor. They are hand made with the greatest care by torcedores who clearly know their business. Smoking them is sheer delight to multiple senses. And they simply could not be better looking.
The Padilla 1932 Churchill cigars may be the cream of the crop. They consistently take their place on “best of” lists and you’ll have to make room for them on yours when you try a box. The Churchill is a 7.0 x 48 masterpiece of the craft. Perfectly balanced in the hand, it is also exquisitely balanced on the palate. It brings a carefully selected blend of Nicaraguan long fillers that are offer a vibrant mix of spices, creamy espresso, and just the right amounts of cedar highlights. The extra-aged tobaccos are wrapped in a zesty Corojo wrapper that dials up the power quite a bit, moving the entire smoke dynamically into the full-bodied range to match the abundance of flavor.
The Padilla 1932 Torpedo will allow you to savor the flavor in a more contemplative smoke as you search for the many complexities that are there to be discovered. You’ll enjoy the phases offered as well as the aroma, the ash, the burn…the whole experience right down to the nub. The Padilla passion is displayed in every size of the Padilla 1932 Signature Cigars. Be prepared to catch it. Be prepared to love it!