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Natural Cigars

Natural cigars is a designation that usually refers to cigars that are pure, 100% cigar tobacco without any additives, additional fillers, or processing. Most premium handmade cigars are natural by this definition, while many cheap cigars, especially machine made mass market cigars use non-tobacco fillers and homogenized tobacco.

Natural cigars may also refer to a wrapper type that has undergone minimal aging or fermentation – enough to create a quality, flavorful wrapper, while allowing the cigar to retain a freshness reminiscent of just-harvested leaves. These natural cigars tend to have a lighter look, and the unlit aroma is often slightly sweet, offering reminders of cut hay, and exuding a very fresh bouquet. The finest cigar makers all produce natural cigars in various labels. To find a selection of your favorite natural cigars or ones you plan to try, click through our collections. Search natural cigars and you’ll find dozens of fine cigars to consider. Natural wrappers are sported by the 601 cigars by EO Brands, Brevas Royale Natural cigars, the 2008 Opus X El Escorpion Natural, Gurkha Vintage Shaggy Churchill Natural Cigars, and Drew Estate Natural cigars, are just a few of the stogies you’ll have from which to select natural cigars for yourself or to provide much-appreciated gifts to your cigar loving friends and business associates.

Natural cigars are offered in all the most popular sizes and can be found in labels that provide a mild, medium, or full-bodied smoke, depending on the filler tobaccos used in production.

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