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Casa Magna

The Casa Magna represents the ultimate collaboration between two cigar legends, Manuel Quesada of the Fonseca enterprise and Nestor Plasencia. Nestorís farms produced the Nicaraguan puro leaves used in the construction of this very new cigar introduced to the world in 2008. The Nicaraguan filler is embraced by a very special Cuban-seeded Colorado Ligero wrapper also grown in Nicaragua. This deluxe oily wrapper augments the complexity of the filler, delivering one memorable smoke to the enthusiast lucky enough to procure a box of these beautiful cigars.
The Casa Magna is indeed the product of a great house, the meaning of its name, by the way. This is a medium- to full-bodied cigar as you would expect, given its Cuban heritage, sweet and toasty. These cigars have predominant notes of earth and pepper, shading to coffee, cherry, and even a hint of caramel in the last third of the cigar. These taste shifts are gradual and not abrupt, shifting softly from one to another. Most of the shifts take place in the final third of the smoke. Winding its way throughout the various flavors is a demure creaminess, a quality beloved of aficionados.
Casa Magna will show some variability in unlit aroma from one cigar to another. Some present a strong scent of earth while another is redolent of sweetness and spice and all things nice.
Casa Magna cigars†are notable for their extra-long burn time in general. An occasional cigar will need a touch-up while itís being smoked, but in general these are worry-free. The draw tends to the firm side but not excessively so.
The Casa Magna received rave reviews and high rankings in Cigar Aficionado in 2008. As a result, the associated hype has caused demand to outstrip supply. Consequently, the Casa Magna is difficult to find on occasion. When you do stumble upon a box or two, buy them on sight and squirrel them away in your humidor.
These are premium cigars that really deserve your undivided attention as you smoke it. The Casa Magna is so complex that it doesnít share the limelight well with others. Light one of these when you will have an undisturbed two hours or more because of its reported long burn time. Relax, enjoy, ponder, and reflect to your heartís content over this cigar.
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Qty   Description Price
Length: 5.50 | Ring: 52 | Count: Bundle of 30
Length: 5.50 | Ring: 52 | Count: Box of 27
Length:†5.50 | Ring: 52 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 6.25 | Ring: 54 | Count: Box of 27
Length:†6.50 | Ring: 52 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 6.00 | Ring: 46 | Count: Box of 27
Length:†6.00 | Ring: 46 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length:†6.00 | Ring: 58 | Count: Box of 27 Cigars
Length:†6.00 | Ring: 56 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length:†6.75 | Ring: 54 | Count: Box of 22
Length:†6.75 | Ring: 54 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length:†6.79 | Ring: 49 | Count: Box of 27
Length:†6.79 | Ring: 49 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length:†7.00 | Ring: 58 | Count: Box of 22
Length:†7.00 | Ring: 58 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length:†4.75 | Ring: 42 | Count: Box of 55 Cigars
Length:†4.75 | Ring: 42 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length:†4.75 | Ring: 60 | Count: Box of 27 Cigars
Length:†4.75 | Ring: 60 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length:†6.00 | Ring: 64 | Count: Box of 50

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