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Flor de Oliva 10th Anniversary 2004

The Oliva family has been making premium cigars for generations. While they make outstanding traditional cigars, the Oliva brand would never be considered boring. In fact, a number of their offerings are considered to be among the finest in the world.

The Flor de Oliva is regarded as truly being the flower of the brand. If youíre looking for a tasty cigar of consistent quality, you should treat yourself to one of these.

Flor de Oliva Cigars were launched in the early 1990s as a stand-alone category distinct from the time-honored Oliva brand. To commemorate a decade of success, the Flor de Oliva 10th Anniversary was released in 2004.
The 10th Anniversary release is an exemplary cigar, showcasing the qualities that made the Flor de Oliva a success from the start.

The Oliva family didnít stray far from its award-winning formula with this cigar. Fine Nicaraguan fillers and binders combine with an Ecuadorian-grown Sumatran wrapper to make the kind of cigar you want to smoke to celebrate something special.

Like other cigars in the Flor de Oliva line, the 10th Anniversary has that characteristic woody and spicy tang when you first light one up. The flavor progresses to a mouth-watering sweetness and intensifies to caramel at the one of the smoke. Imagine smoking an impressive 10th Anniversary Churchill at the end of a meal over a cup of coffee, rather than indulging in a heavy dessert.

Even though the 10th Anniversary is a special release, the Oliva family avoided putting a hefty price tag on this wonderful smoke. That celebratory Churchill is about $5, an excellent price point for a cigar with this kind of quality construction.
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  Description Price
Length: 7.00 | Ring: 50 | Count: Box of 24 Cigars
Length: 5.00 | Ring: 50 | Count: Box of 24 Cigars
Length: 5.00 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 7.00 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 6.00 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars

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