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Gurkha Cigars

Named for the celebrated warriors of Nepal, Gurkha cigars have their origins in the British Empire of the late 1800s. The soldiers in the British garrisons across the Indian subcontinent began handrolling their own cigars from regional tobaccos.
Today, the Gurkha line features fine tobaccos from Nicaragua, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras in its fillers. Select wrappers of several legendary pedigrees provide just the right flavor for a variety of tastes. Make no mistake. Gurkha cigars are not a poor soldier’s smoke but were once reserved for royal consumption.
There are so many different Gurkha cigars currently in production. The best known of them is the Grand Reserve, comprised of a well-aged Dominican filler permeated by the taste of Louis XIII cognac. These are handrolled in the Dominican Republic using a Connecticut shade-grown wrapper.
Master Select uses a blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican fillers, enfolded within a tasty aged Havana wrapper. This is a high-end cigar, considered to be among the best available to the connoisseur today.

The Regent takes the Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, binds them with an exotic and rich Indonesian, and then wraps them all together in the favored Havana 2000 leaf.
The Crest L’Grande incorporates fine Nicaraguan fillers and binders with a nine-year-old Connecticut wrapper, presenting a smooth, rich cigar for the educated palate.
The Gurkha line is populated by a whole constellation of outstanding cigars. No matter the country of origin of each tobacco employed in the Gurkha line, each smoke exhibits exemplary construction and masterful blending.

Gurkhas are not cheap. Many are very rare and reflect that in their price tags. But these cigars have established a reputation for excellence over the years. Acquiring a few whenever possible and stashing them away in your humidor is one investment you’ll never regret.
Our selection of Gurkha Cigars includes:

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