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The Cohiba brand takes its name from the Carib Indian word for tobacco. On their second voyage to the New World during the years 1493-96, Christopher Columbus and his men first encountered the natives of a Caribbean island smoking a strange plant. The island of Hispaniola became the Dominican Republic a few centuries later; this is where Cohiba cigars are still made today. With this long history behind it, the Cohiba brand launched in 1978. With the change in times and tastes, Cohiba made over its blends in the 1990s and these are what today’s cigar enthusiasts will encounter.

Cohiba offers several lines and each extends a different smoking experience. Smoking a representative cigar from each could be the basis of a fine evening with fellow enthusiasts. There’s something for nearly everyone with this brand.
The Red Dot is the Dominican rendition of the classic Cuban Cohiba with a filler of Piloto Cubano, a binder of Indonesian Jember, and a wrapper of Cameroon. The Red Dot will certainly remind smokers that this how a Cuban is supposed to taste, robust and full of flavor. It delivers a complex sensation to the palate, with notes of coffee, nuts, cream, citrus, and the merest touch of pepper.
The Cohiba Black was made in pre-Castro Cuba and was said to be his favorite cigar. He ruined a good thing by nationalizing the tobacco industry. The Cohiba Black is now made in the Dominican Republic, a dark cigar full of truly memorable robust flavor. Superbly aged Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro envelopes the satisfying filler blended from Dominican, Mexican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos and bound with a sumptuous sun grown Dominican Piloto Cubano. As you can imagine, the Cohiba Black offers rich dark coffee, chocolate, and a gentle sweetness in its taste.
Cohiba XV
The Cohiba XV, short for Extra Vigoroso, is a supremely stimulating and robust cigar. Filled with Cuban-seeded Nicaraguan and Dominican Liguero, bound in aged Connecticut Broadleaf, and wrapped in an Ecuadorian Sumatran, you will experience caramel, chocolate, and spice.

Whatever your cigar-smoking pleasure, you owe it to yourself to experience the depth and richness of the Cohiba brand. Each line has its own specific treasures that lie in store for the adventurous cigar aficionado. Enjoy a Cohiba premium cigar in late afternoon or after sunset with appropriate appreciative companions. No matter what time it is, the day will be better for having smoked one of these.

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