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Don Diego Playboy

And a thing of beauty the Playboy by Don Diego is. Sporting the fine and mild Connecticut Shadeleaf wrapper used in the basic Don Diego, the filler tobaccos are unique from the original. Rather than employing the usual blend of Dominican tobaccos, Playboy is made with only very select leaves. The result is a bit more flavor in the filler. The Playboy tends toward the medium-bodied segment of the spectrum. However, it is as mild-mannered as the original Don Diego: no biting or harshness allowed. At the same time, the Playboy is not short on taste. It’s still smooth and creamy, a flavor combination that lasts throughout the smoke. Sometimes there will be a bit of intensification halfway through the cigar, but not enough to ruin your relaxation.

A Playboy by Don Diego Cigars is a fine place to start when introducing a novice to the pleasures of cigar smoking. Its very mildness also makes it a perfect “first course” at a cigar dinner as it won’t knock out the taste buds. Enjoy one with a table wine, not a vintage, that holds up well to cigar flavors.

No matter who or what the companion is who is joining you, the Playboy by Don Diego is a pleasant component to a cigar smoker’s day.
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Qty   Description Price
Length: 6.00 | Ring: 52 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 6.50 | Ring: 42 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 5.00 | Ring: 50 | Count: Box of 25 Cigars
Length: 5.00 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 6.00 | Ring: 52 | Count: Box of 25
Length: 6.50 | Ring: 42 | Count: Box of 25

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